I moved to Fenwick almost 5 years ago. I am on disability and it is very hard to live on what you get as an income.

Someone told me about Pelham Cares. I went there and they were so friendly and made me feel so welcome. They never once judged me. I could not believe the amount of food they have gave me the first day I was there. I can never thank Pelham Cares for everything they do.

“They were so friendly and made me feel so welcome. They never once judged me.”

I also found out that they help kids with doing activities. My daughter always wanted to do horseback riding. With the help from Pelham Cares she was able to do that. Every year my daughter was also able to go back to dance with their help.

One year they recommended my daughter Tamara to go to Tim Hortons camp. I was so grateful for this. Tamara had the time of her life there. Because of Pelham Cares Tim Hortons Camp asked Tamara to go to a youth leadership program. Tamara is so excited to go. This will be the first time she will be going on a plane. The place she is going is in Kentucky.

Pelham Cares is so wonderful, friendly, and caring. I still, after 5 years, cannot believe all they do for Tamara and myself. They help with Christmas presents for Tamara. I am so grateful for that because I cannot afford to buy her presents. She would be so disappointed if she woke up Christmas morning and there was nothing under the tree. They help with Easter and Thanksgiving.

It’s just amazing. I cannot express how grateful I am for them. I could never repay everything they have done. They deserve an award for the best place to go. I have cried sometimes for all they do.

Without them we would not be able to eat sometimes and Tamara would never be able to do the activities she does. Again I am so very grateful and thankful for them. I look so forward to going there – not just for the food they give, but to see them.

They always seem happy to see me and if I want to sit down and talk with them, they always make time for me. Well with everything I have said about them, they are wonderful kind and awesome people. Thank you for letting me express my story about them.

Submitted by Pelham Cares Inc. Link opens a new window as a part of the 25 Years of Changing Lives Gallery.

Thank you to Hunger Action Month sponsor, Cargill Canada!