Industry partners helping Feed Change

We're so grateful for the many corporations, organizations, foundations, and individuals who generously donate services, food, and funds to help Feed Ontario! We couldn't do it without you.

Leadership Partners

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These dedicated partners are leaders in community investment, providing significant support through funds, food, and services to help Feed Ontario.

    Fresh Food Program Partners

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    Our Fresh Food partners help provide healthy, local food to food banks and clients through our exclusive Feed Ontario Fresh Food programs.

      Financial Partners

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      Our generous financial partners from various industries invest in Ontario's food bank network to ensure everyone has safe access to healthy food. These partners have donated more than $10,000 to help Feed Ontario.

      In-Kind Partners

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      These partners have donated varying in-kind resources to help Feed Ontario, including advertising, shipping materials, and support services. Thank you for sharing your resources!

        We've got a seat waiting for you

        Will you, too, join us at the table to help Feed Ontario? There are so many ways your organization can help feed our future.