Will you join us at the table to Feed Ontario?

More than half a million people visit a food bank in Ontario every year. But hunger doesn’t have to be on their menu. Help families get back on their feet.

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Hunger Report 2023: Why Ontarians Can't Get Ahead

Food banks across Ontario are experiencing the largest increase in visits on record, more than double the increases seen following the 2008 recession.

The report points to insufficient social support programs, lack of quality employment, and unaffordable housing as the drivers.


How We Feed Ontario


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We FeedON by providing food banks with fresh food and pantry staples throughout the year to help support their communities.

Feed Possibility

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We Feed Possibility by providing food banks with resources to grow their capacity and invest in innovative programming for people facing hunger in their communities.

Feed Change

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We Feed Change through research, collective action, and by advocating for evidence-based solutions that address food insecurity and poverty.

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You can help end hunger

Feed Ontario makes it easy to strengthen our provincial food system. With your support, we help food banks become more effective and help them reach the people who need them the most.

By taking action for Feed Ontario, you can apply pressure to ensure the government prioritizes making access to nutritious food a right for all Ontarians.

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Will you join us at the table to help Feed Ontario?