CFO Cares – Food Bank Donation Program

There are over 1,100 family run chicken farms across the province. They work hard every day to provide Ontario with fresh, healthy, local product. Through the CFO Cares Food Bank Donation Program, chicken farmers are making sure that all of Ontario’s families have the chance to enjoy this high quality, nutritious product.


About the Program

Launched in 2015, the CFO Cares Food Bank Donation Program is a collaborative initiative thanks to the generous support of the Chicken Farmers of Ontario. This program provides farmers the opportunity to donate up to 300 chickens every single year to the Ontario food bank network.  Since the launch, over 250 Ontario farmers have donated into the program providing over 400,000 servings of fresh, healthy chicken to Ontarians in need!

Supporting the Chicken Program

If you have any questions about the CFO Cares Food Bank Donation Program, please contact

Adelaide Wimpenny, Coordinator, Member Relations and Programs or 416-656-4100 x2934