Ontario Milk Program

For over 20 years, the Ontario Milk Program has been impacting communities all across Ontario. From calcium for healthy bones to other essential nutrients, fresh milk contributes to a balanced diet.


About the Program

Thanks to a collaborative partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Ontario Dairy Council, and Ontario Milk Transport Association, this program ensures fresh milk is produced, processed and delivered at no cost to food banks across Ontario.

Through the generous support of 500 dairy farmers, this program produces almost 1 million litres of fresh milk annually! Thanks to this program, children, mothers, and families all across Ontario are gaining access to the nutrition they need to learn, play, and grow.

Supporting the Milk Program

To help us continue providing fresh milk to Ontarians in need, please donate below! If you have any questions about the Ontario Milk Program, please contact

Adelaide Wimpenny, Coordinator, Member Relations and Programs
adelaide@feedontario.ca or 416-656-4100 x2934