One More Bite

Feed Ontario’s One More Bite Program provides food banks in Ontario the opportunity to receive reclaimed fresh food from their local Metro-banner grocery stores to distribute to adults and children living with hunger in their communities.

About the Program

The “One More Bite Program” is a retail food recovery program in partnership with Metro Ontario Inc. It is part of Feed Ontario’s efforts to considerably increase our ability to address hunger in Ontario.

This program ensures that food that would otherwise have been thrown out or composted is instead recovered by food banks across Ontario. Unsold products including meat, prepared meals, dairy and bakery products are saved and frozen and are redistributed to local food banks, who in turn redistribute it to people in need.

Supporting the Program

To find out more about how you can support One More Bite, please contact:
Claire Ward-Beveridge, Coordinator, Office and Programs or 416-656-4100 x2933