Feed Ontario supports the passing of Bill 60 Link opens a new window, a private members’ bill that would create a non-partisan commission to recommend rates and policies for social assistance programs based on evidence and the cost of living. Learn more about this bill and why it’s important.

Bill 60 currently has all-party support, and will go to its third (and final!) reading this fall, so it’s important to garner support now to ensure the bill passes — and that’s where you come in!

You can help by sending an email to your MPP in support of Bill 60 with a few easy steps:

  1. Look up your MPP by your postal code Link opens a new window
  2. Find out your MPP’s email address Link opens a new window
  3. Look up stats about your riding’s food bank use on our Hunger Map
  4. Send them an email in support of Bill 60 (you can use our sample email Link opens a new window and customize it with your personal story)

Don’t forget to cc Feed Ontario (info@feedontario.ca), as well as include your name and address/postal code so your MPP knows you’re a constituent!

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