Second Harvest recently released a report stating there are over 61,000 non-profit organizations in Canada providing no or low-cost food to their communities. This is a staggering number and clearly illustrates the depth and severity of food insecurity in Canada.

While food banks and charities are working hard to help bridge this gap, they are not a solution to food insecurity or poverty. Rather, it is only through government investments in a strong social safety net, quality employment opportunities, and an affordable cost of living that we will ever be able to move the needle on poverty and towards a future where no one goes hungry.

We continue to urge the Government of Ontario to take action to ensure sufficient, stable income and affordable living for all Ontarians.

To learn more about our recommendations on the immediate action that the Government of Ontario can take to address poverty in Ontario, visit:

To help inform your local MPP about hunger in your riding and ways that they can take action in addressing poverty, visit our new ‘Hunger in My Riding Tool’ to share a custom report with your MPP.