Hunger is a symptom of poverty, so in order to end hunger, we need to address the myriad of issues that make life unaffordable for far too many Ontarians. The provincial election is coming up on June 7, and it is an opportunity to ask the people vying to lead this province how they are planning to create a better future for all Ontarians, and one day make hunger history.

  • Who Uses Food Banks?: 499,000 people used a food bank last year – but what do these individuals look like?
  • Election Report Card: The Report Card evaluates each of the four major parties’ platforms on key policy items, including jobs and income security, affordable housing, and cost of living.
  • Recommendations for Change: Without long-term solutions to poverty reduction, there will always been a need for food banks in Ontario. Included in this report are three recommendations for first steps the Government of Ontario should take to address hunger and poverty in our province.