When kids think about summer, they shouldn’t have to worry about hunger. However, for the 40 per cent of Ontario families that rely on school nutrition programs throughout the school year, summer break can mean new challenges for families trying to make ends meet.

One of the most unfortunate things about this problem is that it does not come as a surprise. Food Banks Canada recently released their annual poverty report card, giving the Government of Ontario a near failing grade. In fact, the report revealed that children are disproportionately represented at food banks, making up 1 in 3 of all food bank visitors.

While children living in poverty is always unacceptable, the challenges of food insecurity become even more pressing when kids no longer have access to school meal and snack programs and parents have to try to stretch tight budgets even further in order to pay for additional summer expenses like meals at home and childcare.

The provincial food bank network is working hard to help fill this gap. Across the province, food banks are providing incredible summer programs to help ensure kids have the food they need, including breakfast clubs, mobile snack programs, fresh food markets, and community programs and events.

Feed Ontario is helping too. Through our FeedON program, we are ensuring food banks have the food and resources they need to keep their shelves full and deliver great community programs to the kids and families who are relying on them.

This summer let’s ensure Ontario families and kids do not have to worry about

hunger and how they will afford enough food to eat – and that kids only have to worry about just being kids.

Learn more about how your local food bank is helping or donate to Feed Ontario today. For every dollar donated, Feed Ontario can provide two meals.