I became involved with Project SHARE firstly as a volunteer about 8 years ago. Volunteering provided me the satisfaction of giving back
as I helped execute holiday campaigns and annual food drives. It wasn’t until I became an employee 3 years later that I truly felt the impact of the growing need in our community, and the philanthropy that exists to meet that need.

“It has made me realize the powerful change we can instill when we work together towards a common goal.”

As an employee in the fundraising department, working for a food bank has given me an incredible sense of community. It has made me realize the powerful change we can instill when we work together towards a common goal.

I am continually overwhelmed by the generosity of others, especially during the holiday seasons. I have the privilege of working
alongside amazing volunteers who take their personal vacation time to work our fundraising campaigns. I am often moved by the giving spirits of children who are so excited to donate to their school drives and those who ask for donations in lieu of birthday gifts. I feel fortunate to work and live in a community that I trust will always meet the need when called upon.

Working for the food bank has taught me about the unjust and growing issue of poverty in Niagara. It has shown me that poverty can
happen to anyone, as so many live paycheck to paycheck.

I admit that before working for a food bank I was sheltered from this issue. I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of the problem in my own backyard. In my role I have had the honour of interviewing clients to share their stories with donors and our greater community. I have met some pretty amazing people. People who are so thankful and appreciative of the support they receive. I’ve seen donors become clients and clients become donors. It’s been a truly humbling experience.

Working for the food bank has inspired me to become involved in the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network; to educate others on the
issue of poverty and advocate for solutions to end poverty. It has made me more empathetic and compassionate; traits I hope to instill in my young daughters as I educate and involve them in the work of Project SHARE.

What I love most about working for a food bank are the people I get to spend my time with. I get to be a part of a team of diverse staff who all share the same passion for helping those less fortunate. I get to work with incredibly generous volunteers and donors, and at the end of the day I know that the time I spend away from my family is helping someone else’s family. And there’s no better reward than that.

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