The Carr-Scarbo family are clients of the Grimsby Benevolent Fund.  This story originally appeared in the 2017 Hunger Report.

The Carr-Scarbo family had a very hard time asking for assistance when they moved to Grimsby in 2014. They had minimal items and were beginning a new life for their family. Doug worked two jobs to provide for his family in this time of transition, but it was not always enough.

Both Kelly and Doug were prepared to have less in order to provide a better life for their daughter Elexus. As loving parents, their only wish was to have the ability to provide a home and all the necessities of life for their beautiful daughter. Sacrifice or not, nothing else really mattered to them.

“Asking for help is the hardest thing to do. But nobody at GBF made us feel guilty or embarrassed. They understand difficult times can happen to good people,” said Kelly.

The Carr-Scarbo family embraces all programs offered to them through the GBF Community Services. Their family is grateful to be supported by the Rent Supplement Program — a monthly supplement that ensures they have a home to go to at the end of each day. It also allows them to work and raise their daughter in the town of Grimsby that they all love so much.

They are proud to have met many people at GBF and are so very grateful for the assistance they have received in various areas of their life, be it housing, food or utility financial support.
It is in Doug and Kelly’s nature to care for others, having previously been generous in their own donations to GBF and other similar organizations. Everyone at GBF is proud of this remarkable family and how they have embraced the services shared by GBF Community Services.