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We Feed Change by researching the root-causes of food insecurity, raising awareness of hunger in our province, and advocating on behalf of evidence-based solutions. It is only through our collective action that we will end poverty and hunger in Ontario.


Social Assistance Changes 2019

This report discusses the history of social assistance in Ontario, the impact that previous changes to the system have had on poverty and food insecurity in this province, and analyzes the Government of Ontario’s proposed reforms. This analysis found that while the reforms included a number of improvements to the current set of policy directives, some of the changes are cause for concern, and may exclude individuals from accessing the assistance they need and create additional barriers to moving out of poverty.

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Hunger Report

This annual report is based on real-time data gathered by the provincial food bank network and provides an analysis of current trends related to poverty and food bank use across the province.

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(Un)Affordable Housing & Hunger

One of the primary drivers of food bank use is the lack of affordable housing options for low-income Ontarians. Housing is considered affordable if it consumes no more than 30% of a household’s income. The average food bank client spends more than 70% of their income on housing.

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Feed Ontario uses Link2Feed to tracks food bank use, trends, and statistics in real time. This revolutionary system was developed in Ontario in partnership with food banks and agencies of the provincial food bank network.

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