Link2Feed is a client intake system that tracks, in real-time, food bank use, trends, and statistics. This revolutionary system was developed in Ontario in partnership with food banks and agencies of the Ontario food bank network.

All members of Feed Ontario now use Link2Feed for client intake, tracking trends, and monitoring the ever-changing demographics of food bank use within their communities.



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Benefits of Link2Feed

Real-Time Data

Through Link2Feed, we can monitor up-to-the-minute shifts in network demands, which greatly improves our ability to provide more support to a community when an unexpected event occurs, such as a factory closure.

We can then mobilize resources quickly and create important strategies to address ongoing food insecurity or sudden changes in demand.

Deeper Understanding

Link2Feed also plays an instrumental role in helping us to understand the issue of hunger beyond basic demographics. We can ask and answer specific questions, such as:

  • Is there a growing number of clients with dietary restrictions due to illness and disease?
  • Is there a community experiencing a growth in new moms and babies who need diapers and formula?
  • Has food bank use reduced dramatically in a community with a new manufacturing plant?


Link2Feed helps us answer these questions and, more importantly, provides us with the information we need to grow and develop important programs for food banks and their clients, as well as provide support for strategic changes to public policy.