Hunger Report

Formerly the Ontario Association of Food Banks, Feed Ontario releases the Hunger Report every year. This report is based on real-time data gathered by the provincial food bank network and provides an analysis of current trends related to poverty and food bank use across the province. 



  • 510,438 people accessed a food bank last year alone, an increase of 8,848 people over the previous year
  • These individuals visited more than 3 million times throughout the year, an increase of 4% over the previous year
  • Over the last three years, there has been a 27 percent increase in the proportion of adults with employment income accessing Ontario’s food banks
  • Feed Ontario believes that this is a result of a number of changes to Ontario’s workforce, including: changes to types of jobs available to working-age adults, changes to Ontario’s labour laws, and changes to Ontario’s social assistance and worker support programs.


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