Fill The Shelves. Feel Good.

With a record number of Ontarians turning to food banks for emergency support, now is the time to rally your organization around a cause that everyone can feel good about. Support Feed Ontario’s Full Shelves campaign and help food banks across the province replenish urgently needed pantry staples.


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Foundational Partners:

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Bridging the gap

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Food banks across Ontario have seen demand for their services increase for seven consecutive years. With an ever-increasing number of people arriving at their doors for help, the staff and volunteers at Feed Ontario’s network of 1,200 food banks and hunger-relief organizations are highly skilled at finding creative solutions to do more with less. This year, they’re faced with one of their most daunting challenges yet: empty shelves.

Today, the shelves at Ontario food banks are running bare because of a dangerous combination of challenges, including:


The increasing cost of food


Decreases in the amount of food donations


A 64% increase in first-time visitors since 2019


The end of pandemic-related financial support

When demand at food banks initially began to outpace supply in 2020, Feed Ontario was able to leverage donations made in support of COVID-19 recovery to launch Full Shelves. Full Shelves leans into Feed Ontario’s bulk purchasing power and partner network to supply and distribute urgently needed fresh food and pantry staples to Ontario food banks. In the three years since its inception, Full Shelves has stocked over 3 million pounds of pantry essentials like pasta, canned vegetables, and shelf-stable proteins on food bank shelves.

A solution worth saving

Unfortunately, even though the number of people accessing food banks had increased by nearly 25%, that number continues to grow and the funding available for Full Shelves is scheduled to end this year. Faced with a $2 million funding shortfall, Feed Ontario urgently needs funding and food partners to continue to supply Ontario food banks with healthy pantry staples.

Your Chance To Make An Impact

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Whether you’d like to donate as an individual or on behalf of your organization, joining Feed Ontario in its efforts to meet its ambitious but urgently needed fundraising target of $2 million is an incredible way to make a direct impact in your community. Your donation will help:


Increase the amount of food provided to food banks by 30% to keep up with escalating demand for emergency food support


Ensure Ontario’s food bank network has the resources it needs to keep shelves full and support their local communities

This is your organization’s opportunity to join the growing network of generous Ontario companies, like Longos, Wholesale Club, and Weil’s Food Processing, that are stepping up to keep our province’s food bank shelves full.

We at Weil’s Food Processing have been working directly with the Feed Ontario team since early 2020, supplying products such as canned pasta sauces and canned tomatoes. The partnership with Feed Ontario allows us to maximize value for the Full Shelves Program, while doing our part in reducing food insecurity within the province.”


Get Your Organization Involved

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Thanks to our vast partner network, bulk purchasing power, and innovative community initiatives, for every $1 donated Feed Ontario is able to provide two meals to someone in need. Helping Feed Ontario reach its ambitious goal will create a wave of local support, ultimately providing the equivalent of 4 million meals to local communities for people facing hunger.

There are so many ways to get involved and support the Full Shelves campaign, including:

A food banker in a Feed Ontario T-Shirt hands a box of food (pasta and canned goods) to a visitor

Make a donation

Connect with our Development Team to make a corporate donation.


Employee giving

Arrange and launch an employee giving or payroll deduction program!

Family having an Easter yard sale in their garden in the North East of England. They have hand made easter crafts on a table and chocolate snacks. One of the sellers has down syndrome and is laughing while collecting money from a customer in a bowl.

Organize a fundraiser

Organize a workplace fundraiser, or an at-the-register customer campaign.

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Make a food donation

If your company produces food, donate* excess inventory to Feed Ontario.

*Donations may be eligible for a tax receipt.

However you choose to give, supporting Feed Ontario’s Full Shelves Program will help ensure Ontario food banks have the supplies needed to support the growing demand of our neighbours seeking emergency food support.

Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Download our Full Shelves Case for Support